Lowland Leader Assessment Day 2

On the second day of the Lowland Leader Assessment I am directing for Wet and High Adventures we headed to The Quantock Hills and a mix of open tracks and forestry tracks down in Ramscombe. Lots of birds seen today from Sky Larks to Buzzards as well as the usual ponies and sheep.

Congratulations to all 3 Wellington School staff who passed and will be working with DofE students in the future.

Lowland Leader Assessment Day 1

On the first day of a Lowland Leader Assessment I am directing for Wet and High Adventures Ltd, the candidates (staff from Wellington School) and I were in the fields around Wellington and saw the world's most useless gate (pic 2) and a group of very curious sheep.

We were also lucky to spot a few deer (wasn't quick enough with my camera) as well as a few robins and finches.

Dry and High on Dartmoor

A much drier day on Dartmoor today for the third and final day of the Hill and Moorland Leader Training course I am directing for Wet and High Adventures Ltd. Great to be able to enjoy the view of Dartmoor at last.

Again, the evening was spent at Dart Rock running an Indoor Climbing Assistant course.

Wet and High Day on Dartmoor

During the day I was out on Dartmoor working on a Hill and Moorland Leader Assessment course. It was very wet and windy in in no time at all, we were all a bit soggy. Somehow we all managed to be happy and cheerful. It was a great relief to get to the café at 4pm to review the home papers

This evening I was at Dart Rock running an Indoor Climbing Assistant course and although it was not exactly warm in there, it was at least dry.

Both courses on behalf of Wet and High Adventures Ltd

Hill and Moorland Leader Training Day 1

Today I was working for Wet and High Adventures Ltd on a very wet and windy day on Dartmoor for the first day of a Hill and Moorland Leader Training course with 4 soggy candidates. After a few hours in the classroom at the start we braved the real world so we could get battered and blown around as we tried to walk in a straight line and employed various navigation techniques. The visibility was somewhat limited (great for training)for most of the day.

Brecon Beacons Deja Vu

Back out in the same area today with a different group of Gold DofE students from Bristol Cathedral Choir School for some navigation training. Glad I got to go round the route in the opposite direction today just to mix it up a little bit.

Apart from a few cold sleet showers, it remained dry but as per yesterday was again bitterly cold in the wind.  Looking forward to going on their practice expedition in a few weeks time.

Brecon Beacons Day 1

Today I was on the hills around Pontsicill in the Brecon Beacsons with a Gold DofE group from Bristol Cathedral Choir School improving navigation before the practice expedition in a few weeks times.

Cold wind but warm sun was the order of the day with layers on an off accordingly. A nice 15km route with a high point of just over 600m with views over to Pen Y Fan and Cribyn.

White Water Kayaking

Out on The River Tavy this afternoon working with Olly from Plymouth College with some of his students for White Water Kayaking (more muddy brown to be honest) with some challenging river levels all over the moor.

Indoor Climbing Assistant

Today I was down at The Life Centre in Plymouth running a Mountain Training Indoor Climbing Assistant course for Plymouth College Outdoor Education students.

Nice to go back to a place that I used to work at and where I originally set up their Outdoor Education course to see that it has expanded both in delivery and the number of students on it. Always good to bump into a few ex colleagues and students and say hello.

NNAS Tutors Course

Today I was running a NNAS Tutors Course in Penrith. 5 candidates and lots of different navigation teaching strategies throughout the day. It was very soggy as the end as we went out to look at how we can use these different techniques in the local area.

Last Day in Scotland

On my last day in Scotland, whilst Jake and Mandy went to climb a route at Diabaig, I decided just to chill out and wander around enjoying the views.

The winter season hasn't quite gone to plan and although I have walked nearly 400 km since mid January looking for snow, there has been nearly as many summer adventures as winter ones this year.

The journey south starts tomorrow and then it is back to the "flatlands" for a while. I will even get to sit in a kayak again next week which I haven't done yet in 2019.

This Blog is 10 Years Old Today

On the 28th February 2009 I decided to start a blog of my Outdoor Adventures. I never really thought about how long I would run it for or how it would turn out.

If I continue to have an active outdoor lifestyle/job then the blog may well run for another 10 years.

Cioch Nose

Still up in The North West Highlands, Jake, Mandy and I climbed the Cioch Nose which is near Bealach Na Ba on the road to Applecross. The last time I was here was on motorcycles in June 2016. It was a day of two halves weather wise. Windy and sunny at the and low wind and mist at the end.

The routes itself has been on my list for some time. It has 3 pitches of nice climbing (pitch 3 being by far the best) followed by 2 pitches of reasonable climbing before and walk and scramble up the upper tier on rock that seemed to get looser and looser the higher we went

The walk back from the top of the climb kept the interest going with a number of down climbs and short scrambles all the way along the ridge.  Quite a few other parties on the route today some of whom need to learn a little bit about etiquette at shared belay stances!

Liathach Traverse

Having decided to embrace summer fully, Jake, Mandy and I headed to Torridon at early o'clock for a traverse of Liathach.

A brutal pull up from the road to the first summit was rewarded with a bit of easy scrambling and a sandwich. It was a little sad to see 2 ptarmigan still in winter plumage trying to hide against a grey rock.

We stuck to the ridge to keep the interest going but unfortunately, the mist did not lift and we did not get to see the potentially stunning views. As always, as we got down to the glen, the mist cleared as we looked back up to the ridge (last picture)