The Alps

I can't remember where this is
The Trient Glacier

The most distinctive Matterhorn

On Friday I arrived in Zermatt, dropped off my car and took the train to Chamonix. It was my intention to walk back to Zermatt over a period of 5 days. I managed to get over the Fenetre D'Arpette however I only got as far as Verbier before the deep snow and closed refuges thwarted my plans only 2 days in. A day of traval later and I am back in Chamonix where I have met up with some friends.

L'Ardeche Trip

Now that is one way to carry loads of boats

Me enjoying the sun in the south of France

I did not choose this Bouyancy Aid

Neither did Andy

For the last few days Andy and I have been in Vallon Pont D'Arc in the south of France risk assessing a future trip for Bridgwater College. I have paddled the L'Ardeche river in a double sit on top, rock climbed at 6:30 am (the only time it was cool enough) and completed a Mountain walk. We also checked out the local patisseries and can report they are up to standard.

WGL Assessment, Dartmoor

This weekend I have been working for Andy Holborn on a WGL Assessment Course on Dartmoor. The weather was kind to us but meant I had to stay up very late to test poor visibilty navigation.

I am off to France this evening for some paddling and trekking

Beach Lifeguard Exam

Today I had to be re assessed for my Beach Lifeguard Qualification and I am pleased to say that I passed.

A timed swim of 400m in 8 minutes is the target and I was able to complete this with plenty of time remaining.

Kayak Skills, Bridgwater

Teaching Self Rescue

Me demonstrating a sweep stroke

Having a Chat

Today I was teaching basic kayak skills in the Bridgwater Canal to Hannah and Will who have recently bought their own boats and wanted the safety advice and basic skills to allow them to paddle safely this summer. We spent the moring looking at capsize drills, eskimo rescue and emptying boats in deep water as well as forwards paddling, backwards paddling and turning.

D of E Gold Training, Dartmoor

Since Thursday I have been on Dartmoor with Haygrove School Gold D of E Candidates completing a practice expedition. Day was extremely misty with down to 20m visibility at times but the other days were much brighter and extremely pleasant to walk in.

Apologies for the lack of photos but I am having some computer issues at the moment.

Bronze D of E, Exmoor

Dunkery Beacon in the mist (I am there if you look closely)

High Water at Tarr Steps

A group crossing The Barle

This weekend I have been conducting Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award Assessments on Exmoor. I had 2 groups to look after starting in Porlock and walking through to Dulverton over 2 days. Saturdays weather was absolutely atrocious and it rained solidly from 8am in the morning. Today was much better and the route followed The River Barle down into Dulverton where I was able to grab a quick coffee and tea cake before meeting up with the groups for their final debriefs. Both groups will be writing a report and handing in to me next week.

Climbing ?

Today was a boring day apart from a local Boulder Problem called "Conservatory Traverse" with the Crux move being the removal of the Satalite Dish.

Coasteering, Torbay

We avoided this little fella as it looked pretty angry

Relaxing between rock sections

Boulder Hopping

Today I was working for Bridgwater College and took a group of students to Torbay to do some Coasteering. This was the last activity at the end of their six week Outdoor Education Module and this was the activity they chose. A great time was had by all in glorious sunshine and pleasantly warm water.

This was my last day with the college for this academic year and I will be freelancing for the rest of the summer before I start again in the Autumn Term.

Mountain Biking, Quantock Hills


Today I have been working for Bridgwater College and took some students out for their Mountain Bike Assessment on the Quantock Hills. The day started with some simple repairs and then we head upo onto the hills looking at a numbe of skills including wheel lifts and controlled braking as well as tacklingsome of the single track routes up there.
The weather was again extremely hot and this made the whole day very pleasent but of courses somewhat sweaty.

Climbing at Uphill Quarry

Today I was working for Bridgwater College and took a group of students to Uphill Quarry for their climbing assessment. They had to set up and run a group climbing session ensuring correct harness and helmet fitment, correct and safe belaying and show an understanding of good climbing techniques. We finished the day with a 30m abseil.
The weather was around 28 degrees and in direct sunshine all day which made the experience very pleasurable.
Tommorrow we are out Mountain Biking so it would be nice if it was cooler.