New Kayak Testing on the River Barle

One of the new Fleet

Nicky and Anneka at the start

Me at the end

Yesterday I collected my new fleet of white water kayaks. I decided on purchasing Pyranha G3's and my chosen supplier was AS Watersports in Exeter who provided me with Kayaks, Paddles, Spraydecks and Airbags. AS Watersports have given me great service both personally and as a business and I recommend them as a great source of equipment and advice.

In order to fully test the new boats I asked Nicky and Anneka who are both Level 1 Coaches and competent paddlers to accompamy me out on the River Barle and give me their opinions on the boats. Both said they were great and handled well offering both predictability and fun.
This was also the first trip for my new personal boat the Pyranha Karnali and I am please to report I am more than happy with how it performed.

I will be paddling the River Dart over the weekend so check back on Sunday for some more photos and video.

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