Saint's Slip on Sgurr Finnish-Aig

Smoking the White Owl III 4

Looking Down

Looking up my route (some of the better ice)

Amazing views all day

Today I went to Sgurr Finnish-Aig to climb "Smoking the White Owl" III 4 but on my arrival there were already 3 teams on it and it would have been bad etiquette to solo above them so I traversed to a line of ice on the left called "Saint's Slip" II/III and made my way up that instead.

Unfortunately the ice was not that great and was faily rotten in places. When I placed an axe the ice just collapsed around it and water spurted out. As I was soloing (no rope) this was not the best thing that could happen. I managed to continue up the route trying to bypass the worst of the ice by using some frozen turf to the right of it.

On topping out I enjoyed a short stroll to the ski range and caught a ride in the gondola back to my car.

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