The White Owl has now been Smoked

The route starts in a mini gorge

and continues up to Sgurr Finnish-Aig

Geoff on Pitch 2

Me topping out

Today Geoff and I headed out to climb Smoking The White Owl III 4 on the North side of Sgurr Finnish-Aig.
We started in a mini gorge and soloed up the ice until the start of the steeper stuff. We then climbed in 4 pitches and Geoff kindly allowed me the last few metres of the top pitch so I could lead up into a 3ft deep snow drift. Thanks Geoff.
On arrival at the top, we were met by 60mph winds which confirmed our suspicion that the Gondola would not be running. Although the walk down the Mountain Bike track was only about an hour, the wind caused me to have to crouch a few times to stop myself getting blown over.

The motto for the day was ICE WAS NICE, WEATHER WAS SCOTTISH.

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