A Short and Snowy Trip to Dartmoor

 Reasonable Weather on Tuesday

Aquaduct near Black Tor

 The Campsite at 7am

Me and some buried tents

Yesterday I headed off to Dartmoor with 23 students and 3 other staff for a multi day expedition. The weather forecast was for some precipitation over the 3 days and there was a small suggestion of "wintery" showers on Thursday afternoon.
Tuesday afternoon went well with all 4 groups nevigating around the moor just south of Princetown and the evening was spent preparing for the trip onto the North Moor the following day.
All was well when I went to bed shortly after 11pm but I woke at 4.30am to the sound of howling wind. Andy and I decided to get up and check the students tents and found ourselves in the middle of a blizzard with 2 - 3 inches of snow on the ground. After pegging a few tents back down we noticed the snowfall getting heavier and I had to dig over a foot of snow away from the doors of some of the tents.
Unfortunately so much snow fell that we had no choice but to round up all the students and head back to the college to deal with all the wet and snowy kit. Thanks to Gemma who managed to make all 23 students a hot drink with only 3 stoves and 5 mugs.
The students had been planning this for a while so it was a shame they were unable to see it through.

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