Goblin Combe Climbing and the Sun was out

Phil Abseiling

Phil climbing on a Top Rope

Phil learning to Prussic

Constant drone of planes

On the last day of Phil's climbing course I took him to Goblin Combe (which is in the Bristol Airport flight path) to look at a number of outstanding things we needed to cover. During the day we looked at how to set up fixed and retreivable abseils, how to use prussics and how to set up a top rope.

Over the last 4 days we have climbed 3 multipitch routes in Avon Gorge, 2 Single Pitch Routes and 3 Sport Routes at Cheddar, 5 Single Pitch routes on Dartmoor and spent a day hanging around on ropes at Goblin Combe. Overall the course has gone well and Phill is looking forward to buying some equipment and getting out climbing as soon as possible.

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