Granite in the Sun

William on Shark's Fin V0 5a

Will on Right Chimney

 Will on Raven Gully

Me on top of Hound Tor in the wind

Today I took Will down to Dartmoor for his first experience of climbing on Granite. Although the weather was cloudy at first, eventually the sun broke through followed unfortunatlely by wind speeds making it difficult to climb.
We started at Hound Tor and climbed 2 problems on Sharks Fin with the first at V0 5a and the second at V1 5c before Will led Liars Dice (Severe) and  Right Chimney (VD). We finished with a solo of The Vice (VD) before grabbing a coffee at the "Hound of the Basket Meals" and moving round to Haytor where Will led the first pitch of Raven Gully (S 4a) before I continued up to the top. By now the wind so so fierce we decided to call it a day.

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