Dartmoor Climbing but no Sun today

Phil belaying on Pulpit

Phil & Hannah on Top of Hound Tor

Phil about to Step Across on Haytor

Looking for gear on Zig Zag

Today I took Phil and Hannah down to Dartmoor to try some Granite and to give Phil a chance to get a number of leads in. We started at Hound Tor where Phil led Paddy (Mod), Pulpit (Diff /V. Diff) and a variation of Paddy (about Diff) whilst I haung around on a rope or soloed alongside giving advice where needed. After a quick brew at the "Hound of the Basket Meals" tea Wagon we headed over to Haytor where Phil led Step Across (Diff) and Zig Zag (V. Diff) with me again climbing alongside giving advice. Today the weather remained dry but the sun failed to break through and a cold wind was ever present so none of us fancied an icecream from the van at Haytor

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