Climbing at Huntly's Cave

Rebecca belaying on Block Chimney

Rebecca negotiating the tree on Right Hand Groove

Alex belaying on Left Rib

Alex on Cave Route

Today I took Rebecca and Alex climbing at Huntly's Cave on the East of the Cairngorms where I led them up Block Chimney VD, Right Hand Groove VD and Left Rib VD. We then looked at how to get down via a stacke abseil before climbing Cave Route HS 4b. Rebecca led the first pitch (well done) but then the ticking clock forced me to lead the rest with Alex and Rebecca following. This is a nice climb with an awkward narrow chinmey at the top which sucks you in and then you get stuck in it (note to self, remove guidebook from front pocket next time). During the day we had to contend with sun, rain and hail.

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