Earning my Sunday Roast

A very friendly cow

One of many cows backends

Feeding the Calves

Today I agreed to milk a "few" cows in exchange for a roast dinner. I must have misheard as it turned out to be a few hundred cows. It has been a very long time since I last milked a cow (though I was worming cows in Africa last summer). I lost count of exactly how many teats I sprayed, wiped and stuck things on but I was pretty slick towards the end. The art was to do it all without wiping your arms all over the poo on the cows back end and then dodging when the cow decided to pee all over you.
The roast dinner was great but I was conscious of a small whiff whilst eating. I have now showered but I can't seem to shift the lingering waft of cow poo.

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