Wind and Waves at Budleigh Salterton

Launching was fun and landing even more fun

  More sheltered in the estuary

Nick practising re entry techniques

 Just relaxing

Today I took Nick to Budleigh Salterton for some Sea Kayaking. The original plan was to paddle to Ladram Bay and back (about 8km) but the sea state was against us so we stayed on the Estuary and paddled up against the flow and Nick spent some time practising his edge control, freey gliding and re entry skills. We ventured onto the sea for two short periods of time just to see how Nick got on but conditions really were unfavourable and launching and landing were difficult. In fact I capsized on one landing in about 1ft of water when a wave caught me unawares and I was halfway out of the boat.
It really was a great day even though not as planned.