Mist and Gales at Portland

 A brief 10 minute window where Portland nearly appeared

Kite Boarders and Wind Surfers loving the wind

Another short brighter spell at Chesil Beach

Today I headed to Portland with the intention of kayaking around it. However on arrival the rain and mist were so bad I couldn't even see Portland from the causeway. After about 30 mins of hiding in the car the rain stopped but the wind had increased causing the car to rock (sea kayaks on the roof catch the wind well). Although the kitesurfers and windsurfers were starting to launch it was definately going to be difficult getting my boat off the roof let alone launching. By midday and having looked at launching in a couple off different places including "sheltered" bays, I decided that it was not going to get any clear up long enough to get a paddle in and went shopping via a cafe.