Silver D of E Dunster to Wimbleball

As usual, amazing colour on Exmoor

A very low Wimbleball Lake


Dragon Fly (centre of fence post)

Today I was assessing a Silver D of E group in the Exmoor Area. They walked from Dunster to Wimbleball Lake a distance of around 22km, Gordon and I managed to get out and walk around 18 km whilst looking out for them and picking up their messages. During the day I saw a large number of Buzzards and one very large Dragonfly. On arrival at Wimbleball Lake I was shocked by the water levels. I have never seen it so low and as I am due to start sailing there with groups in two weeks time I am mildly concerned that there will be no water left. Part of me wants it to be sunny for the rest of the weekend but another part of me wants it to rain for two weeks to fill the lake back up.