Forest School

Today I took 17 students to the Bridgwater College Forest School making fires, cooking, making shelters and stretchers whilst looking at teamwork and group skills.

Wimbleball Racing

Trying to sail and take photos

Getting a tow

Racing in close contact (don't think they touched)

Fighting to get round the buoy

Today was again at Wimbleball Lake following a similar plan to yesterday. The 8 students were sailing double handed and we set up a race course around 3 buoys. We had a number of races both clockwise and anticlockwise and again I got the chance to get out of the powerboat and into a dingy to join in whilst Matt provided safety cover.

Sunny Sail AM, Stormy Sail PM

Blue Skies and a Steady breeze


 Always one capsize

Enjoing the rain

Today I was out with the usual Tuesday students to look at refining their sailing technique. To do this we set out some buoys in a triangle and had some practice laps before starting a race. To make it more challenging we had a Le Mans start through the mud. The idea was for students to improve their technique and avoid collisionas as Paul and I went round dishing out some top tips. I was please to say that I managed to get out in a dinghy today rather than spend it all sat in a power boat. However I found racing in a dinghy and taking pictures at the same time quite difficult. The afternoon session followed the same format but unlike the morniung when the weather was glorious, the afternoon was filled with rainy showers.

Coasteering in clear water, Torbay

Me and the team

The sump



Today I was back in Torbay with a Coasteering group. We boulder hpped, weasled, swam, jumped, balance, climbed and fell in for a couple of hours. As usual we ended with chips in Torquay. The weather was good to us again today the there was very little swell meaning we could again see down to the sea bed.

South West Canoe Show

 Out Stand in the main Marquee

Today I was working at The South West Canoe Show in Exeter. The weather was great and there was a vast range of providers and manufactures around. We had our display up and enjoyed a large nimber of visitors who were attracted with by our photos or our bright orange shirts.

Coastal Navigation and Tidal Planning

Today I have been on a Coastal Navigation and Tidal Planning course which is the theory element of the 4 star Sea Kayak Leader Award. The course covers all the navigation skills needed to safely kayak on coastal journeys.

Tomorrow I will be at the South West Canoe Show in Exeter. Come down as see us on the Wet and High Adventures stand as well as all the other exhibitors. You can also try out loads of boats and gear.

Team Challenges at Cannington Week 2


The Tyres

Crossing The Hex

Tyre and Pole

Today I was with my usual two groups of students at Cannington Activity Centre where we continued looking at team challenges and introduced leadership challenges as well.. Apart from a short sharp shower the weather was kind to us and we got a lot done. Both groups have now finished on the exercises and when we return in a few weeks time we will be up on the high ropes course.

Another Sunny Sail at Wimbleball Lake



Heading downwind

Today Mark and I took out the usual Wednesday morning students for their secon week of sailing where we gave them the extra sail (jib) and a triangular course to sail round. We also taught them some more advance skills and this group all have th epotential to be level 2 sailors by the end of this course. After the water session we looked at the "rules of the road" to help them understand who gives way before a collison occurs. As per yesterday the weather was stunning and it was a very pleasant day to be out and about.

Sailing in the Sun at Wimbleball Lake

Today on week two of the sailing module, I had two groups of students and as it was considerably less windy than last week, Sam and I taught them how to use jibs and how to sail a triangular course. There were a few capsizes but nowhere near as many as last week. The weather was great and the sun shone on us all day.

Coasteering in the Sun, Torbay

 Andy (Red Helmet) and the students

 Practice Jumps

Easy Traverse

 Overhanging Traverse

Today Andy and I took 15 Public Emergency Services students to Torbay for a spot of Coasteering in amazing weather and sea conditions. The sun was shinning and the sea was very warm. All the students enjoyed a mixture of boulder hopping, swimming, jumping, climbing, traversing and falling off. The day ended with the usual Fish and Chips which are compulsory after spending 2 1/2 hours in the sea. The important thing for the students today was to challenge their fears and show teamwork.

Team Challenges at Cannington

The Walls

See Saw

Rope Swing

Today I was working with students at The Cannington Activity Centre where we were using a number of the team challenges set up around the site including The Spiders Web, See Saw and many others The idea of today was for these students to learn to work together as a team as I will be working with them every Thursday doing various activities over the next 12 weeks.

Warm and Windy at Wimbleball Lake

A muddy launch area

Capsize Drill

3 boats down with 1 gust of wind

a few stayed upright though

Today I was agin out with students at Wimbleball Lake introducing them to sailing skills. The weather was much better today and the sun was shinning. However the wind was still strong with some very powerful gusts. More time spent in the water than on it by some students but all had a great time.

Wet and Wild at Wimbleball Lake

Although I was at Bridgwater College yesterday it was all classroom work so today was the first day out with a group and it is the first day of a 5 week sailing course for my students as they work towards their RYA Level 1 or 2 Dinghy Certificate. These students are all taking the BND Public Emergency Services Course over the next two years.
The weather was wild with rain and winds of upto 35mph at times wich meant a lot of swimming and hilarity as opposed to perfect sailing technique. Paul ad I introduce the group to rigging a boat, capsize drills and a few basic sailing skills.

Surfing and More in North Devon

Woolacombe was busy

Today after a leisurely start we headed off to Croyde to look at a new Coasteering route. I got all the photos and information I needed and we were soon in the water at Woolacombe for my sister to try out her new board. The surf was not great (infact it was pretty poor) but we stuck it out for over a hour before realising it wouldn't improve.

The last two weeks of climbing at Baggy Point, Paddling in the Scillies, Climbing on Lundy and this weekend surfing have all been nothing to do with work and it has been great, however I start back teaching Outdoor Education at Bridgwater College tomorrow and will be working for them for the next 12 weeks.