Sailing Trip cut short

After yesterday's engine failure and not being able to fix it, all we could do today was go ashore and have some food in a cafe. I decided to leave Tim to sort his yacht as he had arranged for someone to tinker with the engine later and headed off home earlier then planned.

Yachting from Portland almost to Swanage

Durdle Door

Lulworth Cove

Chapman's Cove

 Evening Sailing

Today we left Portland and poked our nose out of the harbour to find very little wind. We managed to sail slowly to Lulworth Cove where we motored in for a look around before heading back out. We never found the wind again and had to motor out round the firing range area and back into Chapman's Pool for a late lunch. We spent a few hours here and I even jumped overboard in just a pair of shorts (it was a lot colder than expected so 30 seconds later I got out) before having a snooze. After dinner at around 7pm the tide had turned and we motored out for some night sailing but there was still no wind. Just as it started to get dark we had some engine trouble just out from Dancing Ledge and with no wind to sail by we only made it into Swanage by 9pm with the assistance of the helpful crew of Swanage Lifeboat.

Yachting from Wareham to Portland

 Challenger 1,2,3 and 4 at Portland

Today we headed out at 7am down the river into Poole Horbour before haeding west round to Portland. A distance of 35nm and 9 hours from mooring to berth. The weather was nice today with plenty of sun between the clouds and a westerly wind keeping us moving at 4 - 5knts.

SCUBA at Poole

Today I was diving in Poole with Somerset Divers. We dived the Betsy Anna which is a wreck slowly rotting away in around 25m of water and then a very quick drift dive across Swanage Bay at about 18m. We saw lobsters, eels and plenty of fish on the first dive and collected a few scallops on the second. Tonight I am on my friends yacht for a early start tomorrow morning.

No dive pictures today but I captured the moment a fleet of F1 Power Boats decided to buzz our dive site!

SCUBA at Vobster Quay

Having completed my Peak Performance Buoyancy and Navigation Dives yesterday, we headed to Vobster Quay today where I completed my Deep Dive, Wreck Dive and Search and Recovery Dives. Have sucessfully completed all this I passed the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver having transferred across from being a BSAC Sports Diver (a long time ago). Thanks to Ken and Peter and the support crew at Somerset Divers.

SCUBA at Babbacombe

Yesterday I was down in Plymouth doing some preparation work for when I start as Head of Outdoor Education at Plymouth College in September. Today I was at Babbacombe doing some Scuba Diving with Somerset Divers. There are no photos today as the visibilty was so poor. At times it was less than 50cm and I could only just see my hand. Out diving tomorrow so hoping visibility is better and I can get some pictures.

Ilfracombe to Combe Martin Sea Kayak

Olly paddling into the Head wind

Shelter in Watermouth Cove

Playing in the swell

Me surfing waves through rock tunnels

Today Olly and I headed out from Ilracombe to Combe Martin and back. After some long trips over the last week we wanted a short trip where we could have a play. After a carefully considered tidal plan done last night we arrived to be faced with a strong Easterly wind that ruined all our hard work. Deciding to go with the tide but into the wind we had a hard paddle to Combe Martin seeking respite in Watermouth Cove on the way. Of course once we turned round the wind dropped and we we were against the tide. Nice paddle though and plenty of opportunity to play on the way back.

Portland Circumnavigation by Sea Kayak

Olly on the choppy West side

Rounding Portland Bill

Me on the calmer East side

Sunny lunch break

Today Olly and I headed down to Dorset and completed a anti clockwise circuit of Portland. As predicted the east side was choppy and it was an interesting launch of Chesil Beach. However our plan worked and the tidal flow whipped us along nicely to Portland Bill where we had a bit of fun getting through the tide race round the headland. Once on the east side things calmed down a lot and we had a more sedate paddle (including lunch) back to Portland Harbour where we battled a head wind to get in to the beach from the break water.

Torquay Coasteering



Today I took Olly, Dan, Nick and Gordon to Anstey's Cove in Torquay for a morning coasteer. The weather was changable but the tide was high and the sea was calm. A bit of swell picked up towards the end of the session. As usual there was fish and chips at the end of the session.

Teignmouth to Torquay Sea Kayaking

A choppy start to the day

Our lunch spot

Much calmer on the way back

Me exploring the caves

Today Olly and I started at Teignmouth and headed south down to Torquay. On the way down there was a fair swell which lept us out away from the coast but after lunch in one of the small bays and a paddle round Ansteys Cove (we will be back there tomorrow) the swell ad dropped and we followed the coast back to Teignmouth having a look at the cliffs and caves on the way. The sun today was relentless and I easily topped up my Borneo tan on my arms.

Teignmouth to Exmouth Sea Kayaking

Me in Olly's Kayak

The Parson

Olly in my kayak

Today Olly and I headed out from Teignmouth and paddled out past The Parson and The Clerk along the Dawlish Coast up to Exmouth and back. We decided to paddle each others boats today just for a change. Weather was overcast at times and there was a bit of a head wind on the way back

Exmouth to Ladram Bay Sea Kayaking

Me heading for Ladram Bay



Olly landing

Today Olly and I headed out from Exmouth to Ladram Bay and back in our sea kayaks for a late afternoon paddle. The weather was overcast but not actually raining and winds speeds were low making for a pleasant afternoon.

New Kayaks arrive


 Perception Scooter Comfort

Today I travelled down to AS Watersports in Exeter to take delivery of my new fleet of Sit on Top Kayaks. Wet and High Adventures now owns 4 Perception Scooters (Comfort spec) for use in beginners courses and coastal exploration. I also collected 2 new Pyranha Z.ones (Rapid spec) to add to the exisiting fleet of kayaks for use on our winter white water courses.

Also available for hire. Please see Wet and High Adventures for details

Back on a Bike





Having spent yesterday doing paperwork and catching up I was relieved to get out of the house and hit the hills for a blast on my bike with Nick. I showed him some of the local downhill and cross country trails and we had a blast hooning round.

Back from Borneo

Painting the Ladies Craft Centre

Testing our home made bamboo bench on Bongkud Hill

Amazing lightning storm

I got up to go to the loo and returned to see this where I had been sitting

In the jungle, the mighty jungle

Big bugs everywhere

Testing the table and chairs we made

Another BIG bug

On route to Batu Puteh Jungle Camp

My hammock home

Water Monitor Lizard

 3m Croc just by our camp !!


A highly technical and advanced snorkling technique

The team out snorkelling

 Amazing sealife

I arrived back from a month in Borneo at Lunchtime today. I have been out there working for Camps International with a group from Kennet School in Thatcham. Over the month we worked on a number of projects from digging a huge pit to site a water tank to making chairs and table for a kindergarten. We went on a 5 day Jungle Trek, planted over 1000 trees and visited the Sepilok Orangutan Sanctury before having a day on the beach in Kota Kinabalu to relax before flying home.