Yachting from Portland almost to Swanage

Durdle Door

Lulworth Cove

Chapman's Cove

 Evening Sailing

Today we left Portland and poked our nose out of the harbour to find very little wind. We managed to sail slowly to Lulworth Cove where we motored in for a look around before heading back out. We never found the wind again and had to motor out round the firing range area and back into Chapman's Pool for a late lunch. We spent a few hours here and I even jumped overboard in just a pair of shorts (it was a lot colder than expected so 30 seconds later I got out) before having a snooze. After dinner at around 7pm the tide had turned and we motored out for some night sailing but there was still no wind. Just as it started to get dark we had some engine trouble just out from Dancing Ledge and with no wind to sail by we only made it into Swanage by 9pm with the assistance of the helpful crew of Swanage Lifeboat.