Aonach Mor walkabout

Today was my first day out in Scottish Winter this season. It was a day to remind myself of all the important things about winter mountaineering that are essential for a safe and enjoyable season. Having done the most important things first, ie remembering how to make porridge, how not to stab myself with crampons whilst checking they fit my boots and how to drive in rigid B3 boots, I headed up the Gondola and out of the door onto sheet ice. Panic moment, how do I walk on ice? ah yes, I remember, very carefully! Within a few hundred metres of the top of the Gondola I was back in the swing of things and heading round the Nid Ridge for a wander up to the top. A few snow drifts saw me disappear upto my knees but mainly the walking was easy. Crampons stayed in my bag all day but the axe was out as I worked my way up the ridge in warm and still conditions. A nice blast of wind and spindrift at the top reminded me where I was. Shortly after I was back in the Ski Centre cafe checking that the Tiffin Cake and Coffee were up to standard.