Skiing at last

Looking up The Goose

Summit Runs in good condition

Having not been on skis since last March, I was keen to hit the slopes and as soon as I got word that the Back Corries at Nevis Range were open I headed for the slopes. Conditions on the lower front half of the mountain are icy and quite patchy but the Summit Runs, The Goose and Warrens are in good condition. The Back Corries were open but at times visibility was very poor so I choose to stay on the upper half of the front side. After a few hours of sliding I headed down for my customary Coffee and Tiffin Cake and that was a challenge, as I was skiing over grass, ice and occasionally snow.

Interestingly after years of skiing without a helmet, I bought myself one for Christmas and decided that I will wear one from now on. Today was its first day out and I have to say that it didn't bother me wearing one and I certainly would have been less comfortable on the run back to the cafe without it. It has just become law in Nova Scotia for helmets to be worn by adults and children alike and with a number of Alpine ski resorts already making children wear helmets it will be interesting to see how this develops.