At last, out on the yacht

Heading out to sea

Feeling a tad queesy

Heavy weather ahead

3 new reefing lines fitted

Finally after a washed out week, the weather decided to play ball today. With the storms gone and wind down to a mere F4, I slipped from the marina and headed out into Plymouth Sound. I had a few jobs to do on the yacht today whilst the sails were up and needed space to do it. Outside the breakwater I set the auto helm on 210 degrees and managed to refit the 3 reefing lines and some other sail bits. I did get thrown around a bit and had to put the mainsail up and down alot to do the jobs but it was great fun all the same. After an hour or so, I turned round and headed back in at 30 degrees enjoying the fact I could actually sail not rather than do work. There was a bit of a roll going on coming back in and I did start to feel a bit "off colour" but it stopped soon enough and settled down.

I was back on the mooring mid afternoon before heavier rain came in.