Rain in Spain

Climbing venue

 Fuente De Cable Car

Dogfish (I think) in Santander Harbour

On Sunday I left mildly sunny Plymouth and jumped on a ferry bound for Santander. Arriving on Monday, I drove off into rain and headed west to the Picos de Europa. I spent a couple of days driving round with Ivor completeing a risk assessment for a future visit. Once we had located the hospital, the supermarket, got maps, checked out campsites and restaurants I managed to get a couple of hours in the sea kayak checking out a paddle route from La Franca to Llanes (click here).  The following day, we had a quick drive into the Picos Massif itself to check out another campsite and locations for the climbing and trekking part of the trip. We took the Wednesday ferry back and arrived back in the rain in Plymouth this afternoon.