Winter has returned


Today I woke up and looked out of the window, NO RAIN. I went outside to the car and felt A CHILL IN THE AIR. I started the car and the dash said 5 DEGREES. Hmmm. However as I drove up the ski road, the ice warning light came on and it showed 3 DEGREES. It was at this point I realised winter had come back.

A quick blast into Corrie an T'Sneachda and I eventually found some snow at the bottom of Mess of Potage. Axe in hand,  I fell through the crust a few times but then it firmed up. Crampons on and a solo up Jacob's Ladder (I) took me onto a windy and scoured plateau. The cloud was down so I was unable to see the extent of snow cover but it was bare on the corrie rim. A jog round to Windy Col and I dropped back into the lull of Sneachda down some consolidated snow and a boulder field before wandering out for lunch at the ski lodge.