Adventure on Am Buchaille

 Steve testing how secure vertical sand is


 Me on the swim

 Steve preparing for the swim back

Having spent the best part of a day yesterday getting off Hoy via the usual 2 ferries etc etc, we had a 3 hour drive, and a 5mile walk in to Sandwood Bay for our last stack of the trip, Am Buchaille. A dodgy descent down to boulders, a walk along slippery rocks, a swim across the channel was all stuff we are used to. Then we started to climb, I could wax lyrical about this route or be quite brutal and expose it for the insecure tottering pile of sand that it is. Great respect to Steve for leading up this death route. An abseil down and another swim saw us get eaten alive by midges during the 5mile walk back to the van. In summary, a great adventure but a shame about the climbing.