BMC FUNdamentals 3

Today I was at Undercover Rock on the BMC FUNdamentals 3 course

Hmm. What to write? I have attended both FUNdamentals 1 and 2 in the past and came away inspired with some good ideas. Unfortunately I can not say the same about this course. It felt like a poorly thought out course with no real content to it. Infact, I am very angry at the £65 cost and the 250 mile round trip.

As it was called Physical Training for Climbing I was looking forward to looking at some specific exercises to train particular muscle sets for climbing. And maybe some exciting and new training ideas that would improve your climbing.

During the morning we identified that climbing involves all muscles (nothing new but obviously this took some time and some flip chart along with some help from some pretty bland powerpoint). During the afternoon we established that if you want to become stronger you climb short steep routes and if you want to improve endurance you climb lots of easier routes (again, nothing new here and at least this was practical and we did climb some stuff).

Had I received the pre course materials from the BMC (which I didn't) I probably would have read them and realised how uninspiring this workshop was likely to be and stayed at home.

Not impressed and not happy