No longer Head of Outdoor Ed

Today was my last day being Head of Outdoor Education at Plymouth College. After over 2 1/2 years in the role, I have come to the conclusion that I was spending too much time managing, marking and paper shuffling rather than actually doing anything outdoors. I have left the department in the capable hands of Olly Rees and Charlie Lindsey. I will be back to work as an occasional instructor/teacher as and when required including activities week and some expeditions over the next few months.

So, I am now back in the game as a freelancer and running Wet and High Adventures. I will be very loosely based in Plymouth so I can continue working on Dartmoor and dive or kayak in the sea. I will be able to spend more time in Scotland over the winter and visit the mountains more often than I have managed recently. Time to play more and work less.

WGL Day 2

Back out with the WGL candidates today for a second day on the moor. A drier day and quite warm at times. Maybe even got a little sun burnt today as we navigated around the south moor. Tomorrow I get to spend the day reading logbooks and marking written paper whilst the candidates go out with Louise for their final day.

WGL Day 1

I have been directing a WGL Assessment today on Dartmoor. Apart from a few hail showers, the weather was quite benign and it was a pleasant day on the moor. Hoping for the same tomorrow.

Gold DofE Cycle Training

Today I was out around Yelverton with the 5 boys who wish to undertake their Gold DofE Expedition by cycle. We missed the hail storm by seconds but still got blasted by the wind.

Nav Training


Out on Dartmoor for a few hours today teaching navigation for Gold NNAS. Lots of contour features to work with and we managed to get back to school before the rain started.

More Moor Less Sun

Back out Dartmoor today with Gold DofE students. Foggy and quite cold at times, how different from yesterdays pleasant weather.

More Moor More Sun

On Dartmoor today with my BTEC students looking at navigation skills. What a day, blue sky, hot, clear and almost dry underfoot. A lovely day on the moor all round.

Sunny Biking on Dartmoor


Starlings in flight

After a long drive back on Friday, I am back in the South West for a few weeks. Today I was out biking on Dartmoor with some boarding students. The weather was fantastic and we did around 22km in all. It was great to be in shorts and t-shirt again after weeks of snow, rain and wind.

Corie an t'Sneachda - Day 2

Back in the corie with Julie and Marianne. We built on yesterdays work by getting them to lead upto some steeper ground where I then led them up a very steep (more than I imagined) groove. It gave me a bit of a wake up call as it was harder than it looked. Both Julie and Marianne climbed it in style and enjoyed the experience.

Corie an t'Sneachda

Today I took Julie and Marianne into Corie an T'Sneachda to look at their climbing skills. It was very windy so we worked on the side of the Fiacaill and looked at rock and snow belays. We dug buckets, buried axes and dead men. On the way down the ridge we dug a snow bollard and abseiled from it. The wind really gave us a beating at times and I only mad it half way through the day before I put the goggles on.

Mountaineering on Aonach Mor West Face

Today, Matt, Jon and I headed to the West Face of Aonach Mor for some mountaineering. The original plan was for Golden Oldy but this changed on the way in as the snow was quite unstable and there was avalanche debris everywhere. We climbed some broken ground we found in a safer area an made our way up that. At the end of the day we heard about and avalanche on the Nid and went to see if we could help.

Climbing in Sneachda

Today, Matt, Al and I headed into Corie an T'Sneachda to climb. Due to the avalanche risk and generally poor conditions, we climbed Terms of Endearment which I also climbed last week. We then abbed down Patey's Route with a view to climbing that but ran out of time.

Creagan Coire Cha-No

Today as the weather forecast was good, Mandy and I feared that Corie an T'Sneachda would be busy and headed to Creagan Coire Cha-No to escape the crowds. The weather was good and we climbed Anvil Gully IV 4 and Chimney Rib IV 4. At the end of the day, I bumped into my cousin Will who had climbed Invernookie III, 4 in Sneachda.