Sheeps Tor Climbing

Today I was at Sheeps Tor with the Level 4 students from Bridgwater College. We spent the day top roping in between light showers.

Mountain Leader Assessment Expedition

Friday, Saturday and Today were spent on a 3 day expedition in the Molewyns looking at camping and travelling through the mountains. A mixed few days of weather including some rain, wind, sun and a long 6 hour night navigation session put the candidates through their paces. In the end, All 11 candidates passed so congratulations to those new ML's.

Mountain Leader Assessment Day 2

I was assessing different candidates in Llanberis Pass today. We spent the day looking at steep ground work and navigation around the flanks of Dinas Mot. A dry and warm morning followed by early afternoon showers gave us wet rock and grass to demonstrate rope skills.

Mountain Leader Assessment Day 1

In North Wales this week working with Andy Holborn on a Mountain Leader assessment. I was out with 3 candidates today in the Carneddau looking at navigation and moving on steep ground. A summit of Carnedd Llewellyn was included and the view was non existent. The weather was wet and windy but cleared to a lovely evening. There are still a few snow patches around. As always, as we descended the weather improved to become a pleasant evening

Indoor Climbing at Dartrock

Today Vicky and I were thwarted by the rain, we managed about 30 minutes at Combstone Tor building belays before the rain hit and we headed to Dart Rock instead. There we spent time looking at climbing movement as well Vicky climbing some routes including a few leads.

Dartmoor Climbing

Out on the moor with Vicky today. We started at Haytor where we climbed Zig Zig, Bulging Wall and Step Across. Then it was round to Hound Tor to climb The Vice, Pulpit and then Vicky led Paddy. We also looked at gear placement and belay construction during the day. The sun shone and it was great to be out climbing rock again. Quite a few other people had the same idea and Haytor in particular was very busy.

Plymouth Diving

Today Mark, Sue , Claire and I were diving with Somerset Divers and dived the Coronation wreck outside the breakwater in Plymouth. The visibility was ok at 2-3m and we saw lots including the huge anchors and the cannon. Our second dive was less successful and we saw lots of sand.

Unfortunately just as I was about to jump in, I noticed that I didn't have my camera and all I had was the empty waterproof case so no pics underwater today.

Beach Lifeguard Assessment in Bude

A casualty that didn't get rescued in time

Today I was at Adventure International in Bude assessing their staff for the RLSS Beach Lifeguard before the busy summer season starts. Fantastic weather for standing on the beach (me) and for swimming (them). I am please to say that all the candidates passed.

Under, On and Under in Torbay

At 7am this morning I went underwater for a dive on the early tide. Good vis but no fish life that I could see. Back out by 8 and cafe breakfast at 9am. Then the sea kayak came out and I was on the water taking in the sights of Torbay including London Bridge, Thatchers Rock, Ore stone and Anstey's Cove. I drove round to Brixham for late afternoon to meet Simon to use up the remaining air in my tank with a nice evening dive along the breakwater where we saw Spider and Hermit Crabs.

Meadfoot Diving

The day started with assessing some RLSS Pool Lifeguard candidates at Brean Leisure Park before driving down to meet my sister and Hazel in Torbay for some late afternoon diving at Meadfoot Beach. We saw loads of starfish and a huge crab. Visibility was good and got better at the end of our second dive. As both dives were shallow and I was conservative on air consumption, I have a full tank left for a morning dive tomorrow before I take the sea kayak out.

Sunny Dartmoor Nav

A short lunchtime session on Dartmoor today running some navigation coaching in the sun. Now the van is all packed for a diving and kayaking trip.

3 Star Sea Kayak Day 2

Back out with Dan and Charlie this time in Jennycliff Bay within Plymouth Sound. Great conditions for rock hopping and really careful boat control in tight spaces. The day ended with some wet drills of rolling, self rescue and rescuing each other. All we have to do now is find a day when they are both available to come for assessment.  And Yes, it was another short sleeve day for me, my favourite kind of kayaking day.