Climbing at Tremadog

Oooops. No harness

Jez and I didn't climb yesterday because it was damp and we were both knackered from the week before. Today we climbed at Tremadog at the less popular crag of Craig Y Gesail. The day started with a breakfast in Eric's Cafe and we had some good plans until we arrived at the bottom of the route and I realised that I had forgotten my harness. I had to make a emergency one from some slings (very thin and uncomfortable ones) and seconded Jez up Princess VS 4b as I did not want to lead with my make shift safety device. This route has a vegetated bottom pitch but the top pitch is nice, a bit more traffic would clean it up nicely. Then it was off to Llanberis for ice cream and back in time for coffee and muffins. Not as planned but a good day anyway.