Hammer Time - Initial Review

Ready to launch 

Heading out to Berry Head 

 A bit lumpy on the South side

Bit of caving 

 Compulsory selfie (as no one with me)

On Saturday I picked up my new kayak from AS Watersports. Today I headed east to Brixham to go paddling. I only had a few hours to play with so I took the Hammer out round Berry Head looking for some swell. I found some but not quite as much as I hoped for so settled for some rock hopping instead. I only had time to paddle on the canal before buying so I hoped I had made the right decision.

Made from the Pyranha WW plastic this is a tough boat but fortunately not as heavy as I expected. I have never had so much fun getting into a sea kayak. Basically I put it down on a steep bit of beach, got in and seal launched with no worries about damaging the hull.

A bit of playing off the beach just to check it's handling I realised it can flat spin and turn on edge. Great, should be fun.

The Hammer handles well into the waves but across waves it as definitely a bit of effort to stay straight without the skeg down. I never use the skeg on my Valley Avocet (mainly because it is broken) but was glad I had one on the Hammer. Going with the waves however, it was great and picked up the slightest swell for a mini surf.

Rock gardening and caving suit it down to the ground as you can surf in and then spin it on a dime before paddling out. No more getting caught broadside on for me I hope.

A bit of speed has been sacrificed for handling and manoeuvrability but it is no slouch. I have no intention of paddling it for long days but from teaching from and paddling with other plastic boats it should be fine. I may just be a bit more tired at the end of the day.

Paddling back a few hours later I realised I had not dome many miles but had some good fun. Lifting it up onto the van was more effort than my Kevlar Avocet but then I expected that.

I am desperate to get it out in some proper swells and tides races when time allows. I will also be paddling it on the rivers when the water comes back up.