That was one windy trip

Can I out run this? 

Wind picking up, better clip on


Getting closer 

No, I can't out run the squall 

Almost back safely 

So the prospect of another day in Fowey was not great. I love it for an afternoon but after two days trapped there enough was enough. The Inshore forecast was not letting up and I realised my hopes of going further west to Falmouth or Penzance were in vain, so east it was. The other two boats moored next to me had the same opinion so we all left with 10 mins of each other but as I stopped to get fuel I never saw them again.

With force 6 - 7/8 today and moderate seas it would have been very hard work to go into wind. Only one choice, run away with the wind behind me. Coming out of Fowey was challenging straight into wind and taking 3m waves head on. but once I turned east I was making 6 knts on 2/3rds headsail and the ride was not so bad until the squall came in.

And then once safely into the shelter of Plymouth Sound I could relax until I got into the Torpoint wind tunnel where my buoy is. Certainly a challenge getting onto that on my own.

Probably my most challenging solo sail to date. I don't mind rough conditions but another pair of hands would certainly of helped.

So anyone want to come and crew, I am planning on Salcombe, Dartmouth, Brixham over the next few days starting on Weds if weather allows.