Hammer - 2nd Review

So I have owned the Hammer for a few weeks now and to be honest, I have yet to set up the foam padding kit etc in my boat (mainly due to laziness) but it is plenty comfortable as it is so so worries there. Following on from my initial review, I have used it for the a week on Mull for my own personal paddling and work.

I completed a 21km lap of Iona in around 3hrs so the boat is no slouch though does need more effort to keep it cruising. The first half into wind an waves was an effort (as it would be with most boats) but it was head down, skeg down and get onto it. Around the west side of the island I eventually got wind and waves behind me and had some surfing action. It is possible to surf with the skeg down and this means the Hammer is not so loose on the waves and keeps tracking with less effort. Or, skeg up and play the wave with great manoeuvrability. Personally I prefer skeg up and to use weight and edge as my methods of steering.

Later in the week I used the boat to support a coasteering expedition and it was so easy to get in and out of caves, geos and tight sports with no worries of damage if I had to drag it over rocks.

I have also used it recently in North Wales to coach from and put the students in. It is great as you can drop the skeg if they are having problems going straight. Conditions on Llyn Padarn were quite windy and I managed to surf it on waves out in the middle of the lake.

This is a specialized sea playboat with both pros and cons. The robustness and manoeuvrability are great but with this comes weight and less top end speed. I could not have this as my only boat and if you want an all rounder that can play and tour, the PH Delphin would be a better choice. As a second boat in the fleet however it is great however.

My first plastic boat was a Perception Dancer marketed as a General Purpose do it all boat. It could do it all but was not very good at any of it. The Hammer on the other hand seems to perform well in whatever role I use it for. It makes a stable teaching platform, a great handling rock hopper, a brilliant work horse. I have a feeling this will become my go to boat for playing the sea, coaching and general purpose use.

I am desperate for some water to come into the Dart so I can take it for a blast down The Loop.