70 Apprentices at Runnage Farm

This week I have been again working in my role as a member of Bridgwater College staff with 70 apprentices at Runnage Farm for a week of outdoor activities. Due to the numbers involved, my main job was managing the 10 instructors and other staff but I did get out and about at some points.

During the week, the students went rock climbing either at Sheeps Tor, The Dewerstone or Dart Rock if raining. They had a days off road cycling and a 2 day expedition with some challenges involved. Even with the weather not being great, we managed to get a lot done during the week.

In the evenings we had an interesting talk from Darren Swift about his expedition to Everest back in 2003, watched Touching the Void and even a Disco in a marque.

My thanks to the team of instructors involved.