A tourist in Luxor

After this mornings Hot Air Balloon ride, I headed out to Valley of the Kings to look at some tombs. There is some confusion as to whether cameras are allowed (this seems to vary with how much you tip the staff) so I just took photos outside to avoid any potential problems. Entry is through a mini market full of locals selling crap for over inflated prices and unfortunately being one of only a few tourists around at the moment I got regularly hassled for tips in exchange for taking my photo or something. Fortunately I have learnt Arabic for "NO" and that seemed to get rid of them for a few minutes until another one came along. Even with this ongoing nuisance it was a worthwhile visit but having seen three tombs (included in the 100 LE entrance price) I had no desire to see any more and headed back to the hotel via Deir Al Bahari Temple. Time for yet another swim and relax by the pool.

So a mixed day that started very well, eased off and is rapidly going downhill as I approach dinnertime. I am writing this whilst contemplating a box of crackers/biscuits tonight instead of the offerings in the so called hotel restaurant

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