Hot Air Balloon Ride - Luxor

I am having a week off the boats in order to visit the passport office and extend my visa and do some site seeing. Yesterday I travelled by bus from Hurghada to Luxor, around 6 hrs and mainly through dessert until nearing the end where things became a bit greener. On arrival in Luxor I had a quick look at the Temple from the outside before heading to my hotel. Whilst I have no complaints about the accommodation the food is dire and it is a long taxi ride to the nearest restaurant. Tourism is clearly suffering here as there are about 8 guests in a 300 plus room hotel.

This morning I had a Hot Air Balloon ride which was well worth the 4 am start and 35 Euro. I was picked up from hotel, served coffee on the ferry, watched the balloon get inflated and then took of just as it was getting light.  It was great to watch sunrise from a basket 500m up. We even managed a soft landing with no dragging and I even have a certificate. I was dropped back at the hotel at 8am for breakfast and a swim.snooze before heading out again for some cultural stuff.

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