Project Shark - Simply the Best - Blue Horizon

This week I have been on Blue Horizon working with Elke and Will on the Project Shark, Simply the Best itinerary. As its name suggests, we went looking for sharks at Big Brother, Daedalus and Small Brother. The guest's decision was to  miss out Elphinstone as there were still plenty of Oceanics at the Brothers.

As per the previous Project Shark trip, we saw Threshers, Grey Reef and Oceanic White Tips as well as a very curious Napoleon Wrass on the Numidia wreck.

As I and two guests were towed by zodiac towards the main boat I looked down and saw the shark 5m below and though hmm, this could get interesting as it appears not to be a good idea to be towed on the surface behind a zodiac as you look like bait being towed on a fishing line. (see video)

This is the last Project Shark trip for this season but I am due to be back at The Brothers in a few weeks time and I hope the Oceanics are still hanging about.

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