Best of Brothers - Blue Fin

Well, I have now completed my last week with Blue O Two here in Egypt with a Best of Brothers itinerary working with Luke, Will and Ahmed Hamed on Blue Fin. The first day at Gota Abu Ramada worked well before heading to The Brothers to dive Numidia, Aida and see some sharks. Although not as plentiful as previous trips I still saw a Thresher, a grey reef and an Oceanic Whitetip during the 3 days. The weather was very kind, warm and very little wind making for some relaxed diving. I was even able t dive the north plataeu of BB which is normally based by surf. We travelled back via Safaga with dives at Salem Express, Panorama and a new dive site for me called Abu Hashishi. Small Giftun finished the trip and I am now drying kit ready to return to the UK tomorrow.

So after 3 months, 12 weeks at sea, 140+ dives (50 of these at The Brothers) and I have no idea how many guests I will be on a plane tomorrow heading back to the UK.

HAYAH Reef Clean Up - Red Sea Adventurer

This week I have been on Red Sea Adventurer with Luke, Chrissie and Fran on the HAYAH Reef Clean up itinerary which is effectively a Northern Wrecks and Reefs but litter picking as we go along. This is my last week working in the North so I have completed my last dives on The Barge, Thistlegorm, Poseidon Reef, Shaab Abu Nuhas, Dolphin House and Siyul Kebir. I also had my first and last dive on The Kingston. The weather has been stunning and very litle wind meant we could moor on top of all the wrecks and avoid using Zodiacs.

Best of Brothers - Blue Voyager

This week I have been at The Brothers on Blue Voyager with Will, Abdu and Fran. The first day was spent at Gota Abu Ramada before an overnight journey to The Brothers. We spent 2 days on each and as per usual, Small Brother delivered Oceanic White Tips on the majority of dives. the last day was at El Mina and Fanous East. The weather for the majority of the week was stunning and it was back to shorts and t-shirts after last weeks artic blast.

North and Tiran - Blue Voyager

Back out on Blue Voyager on a North and Tiran itinerary working with Hannah and Luke. We had a delayed start due to the Coastguard stopping all sailings but still managed 17 dives through the week with a mixture of Wrecks and Reefs including Poseidon Reef, Carnatic, Giannis D, Dunraven, Thistlegorm (in a very strong current), Ras Mohammed and Um Gamar (which I am really starting to like).

Simply The Best - Blue Horizon

My forth and final week on Blue Horizon and again working with Tiffa and Line on a Simply The Best itinerary. After a few dives at Gota Abu Ramada we visited The Brothers, Daedalus and Elphinstone before travelling back up the coast to Hurghada via Marsa Shauna.

I saw a Hammerhead at Daedalus, Grey Reef Shark at Brothers and a huge turtle at Marsa Shauna. Other people on the boat were lucky enough to see a Dugong

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all my friends and clients.

I am not having a late night as I am diving at 0600 hours.