Best of Brothers - Blue Fin

Well, I have now completed my last week with Blue O Two here in Egypt with a Best of Brothers itinerary working with Luke, Will and Ahmed Hamed on Blue Fin. The first day at Gota Abu Ramada worked well before heading to The Brothers to dive Numidia, Aida and see some sharks. Although not as plentiful as previous trips I still saw a Thresher, a grey reef and an Oceanic Whitetip during the 3 days. The weather was very kind, warm and very little wind making for some relaxed diving. I was even able t dive the north plataeu of BB which is normally based by surf. We travelled back via Safaga with dives at Salem Express, Panorama and a new dive site for me called Abu Hashishi. Small Giftun finished the trip and I am now drying kit ready to return to the UK tomorrow.

So after 3 months, 12 weeks at sea, 140+ dives (50 of these at The Brothers) and I have no idea how many guests I will be on a plane tomorrow heading back to the UK.