Stay Low, No Snow

Yesterday the weather was wet and it was very windy so we decided to take a unscheduled day off. Any fool can go out and get cold and wet but it takes a special type of person to spend the day in a cafe and sauna. Even better, I got a dinner invite last night so no van cooking required.

Today with gusts of wind forecast in the 80's James and I decided to stay low and we walked out of Glenmore past the Ryvoan Bothy and up onto Meall a Buchaille (810m). The approach was fine but once on top and during the descent we got blasted by the wind and had a lovely face scrub in the process. Looking across at The Northern Corries a fair amount of snow has gone in the last 2 days. Just checked the summit station and 82 mph gust has been recorded on the top of the ski centre.

Back in Active Cafe for early lunch