6 Wheel Day

Bye bye Old Trophy

Not my style really but good for a few hours fun

Hello New Tiger

This morning having taken my green Triumph Trophy down to Riders in Bridgwater for a service and a health check, I saw the very bike I was looking for, a Triumph Tiger 800 XRx sat in the corner of the showroom. Being a good boy and resisting the urge, I took the Harley loan bike that they had put on one side for me and went home for all of about 3 hrs before I got on the Harley, headed back down to Riders and negotiated a test ride on the Tiger. 2 hrs later I was dropped back home by the shop van with both my Trophy and the new Tiger. I did at least manage not to buy the Harley as well :-)

Once I have had it for a few months I will post a full review