New Drysuit Test

Today I was at Vobster Quay testing my new Waterproof D1 Drysuit that I bought back in May but hadn't had a chance to use yet. I am not usually a fan of diving inland quarries but for today's purposes it was perfect.

I liked the fact that it has all the insulation built in so I only had a thin set of lycra on underneath. It was easy enough to get and out of though you do have to be careful with the silicon seals.  The seals are easily replaceable (I know because I ripped one putting it on and was able to change it very quickly) and are very comfortable. I had no buoyancy issues and felt very warm in the 14 degree water and there were no wet or cold spots which was nice. The first dive was about 45mins.

After a brew I want in for a second dive and this time was trying out my new pony cylinder configuration. Tired of having it off set on my main tank, I have gone for a slung approach using a stage cylinder handle and clips. Initially I had it the right way up but caught my chin on the valve so I inverted it and had no further problems. Although in the picture it looks cumbersome once in the water it hangs below you (but nice and close) and I forgot all about it. The advantage of this set up (as we tried out) is the ease you can take it off and had it to another diver if they need it, something that is not easily doable with the standard clamp to tank system. This dive was 60 mins and similar temperatures

Thanks to Pete, Jeff and Steve my buddies today for the company and coffees.