Some fun to be had when the rain arrives.

In early July I managed to bag this little beauty from a friend who was selling. I have been looking for one of these style boats for 2 years now so I am very pleased. This is the 11.2 ft Dagger Ovation OC1 Whitewater Canoe. 

Then it was a case of rip out all the existing buoyancy (and put on eBay), take rotted spars to my dad to make new ones and reset the saddle and foot pegs. 

 Rotted spars removed

Excited as I was, I had to put it in the store unfinished until I got back from Malawi. As soon as I got home I was straight back on it

New Oak ones made by Dad whilst I was away

A quick spin down to AS Watersports to collect the new air bags and it was time to start kitting it out again.

 Palm 60" Canoe Air Bags and cord

 After a few puffs (and nearly passing out) I switched to an electric pump

Air Bags inflated, strapped and laced.

I repeated the above for the other end and then all that was left to do is fit the thigh straps.

Two diving weight belts cut up and attached to the pre-existing D rings did the job. Just need some buckles to arrive in the post (hopefully Monday) to fit them in.

Diving Weight Belt

All in all and enjoyable little project that didn't take too much time or money.

Boat - £350 but took out buoyancy blocks and sold them for £50 on eBay
Palm 60" Air Bags £65 each - £130
Lacing £9
Dive Belts £10 each - £20
Belt Retainers £5 for 10 (only 4 needed)
Wood for spars free from Dad - £0
Belt release cord/handle from bits lying around - £0

Total cost of years of fun = £464

Many Thanks to Ken Hughes for some outfitting advice.

Next is a trip to some flat water to learn to roll it before I hit the rivers properly. Bring on the rain!!!!!