Tiger 800 XRx Givi Luggage

Having picked this new Triumph Tiger 800XRx up in July I have now fitted it out for touring with the Givi Outback range of hard Aluminium Cases. Initially I fitted a Givi B47 plastic case I had lying around but I didn't like the look and wanted something bigger as I have some big touring plans coming up.

The first job was to fit the Aluminum Base Plate SRA6401 which was easy enough to fit but required me to drill 17mm holes in the plastic of the Tiger tail area. The instructions were clear and the holes are pre marked already. I only had a 16mm bit so this meant a bit of filing after drilling but it all worked well and lined up. The plate looks tidy and has a very secure fit as would be expected as it it motorcycle specific. Fitting time was around 1 hour (but 20mins of this was spent looking for a 17mm drill bit).

Next the Givi Trekker Outback 58 ltr OBK58A arrived. I had dithered over the 42ltr or 58ltr but decided I would later regret it if I bought the smaller one. I was not keen on the black version so kept it plain silver. This clipped straight onto the plate I had fitted and even when full had no significant effect on the handling unless it was windy. MPG did not really suffer much either. I rode around like this for a week or so before ordering the next parts.

The frame needed for the side panniers is the PL6401CAM which again fits perfectly and all the holes lined up. Fitting took me about 30 minutes

I had agonised over the pannier size whether to go 48ltr of 37ltr. In the end I went for one of each the theory being that due to exhaust the right pannier sits out a bit so it would be too wide with 2 x 48. Although the back end looks a little lopsided I don't care as I don't have to look at it

A bit of personalisation with the stickers provided from Givi plus some Triumph Tiger ones I got from eBay.

Indoor pics as absolutely hoofing it down with rain today so didn't want to work outside.

I can open the right side pannier easily with the top box on. The left side pannier lid catches on the top box if you try to lift it on hinge but you can lift it enough to release hinge and take whole lid off if you really needed to get in without moving the top box.

Total Costs = £1136
SRA6401 = £110
Outback OBK58A = £335 included free Givi E251 plate but I didn't like the look
PL6401CAM = £151.49
Outback 48ltr Pannier = £269.87
Outback 37ltr Pannier = £249.88
P and P for both deliveries about £20

Time taken - about 90 minutes but easily under 60 mins if I had the tools in some kind of order rather than spread about between garage, van and house.

Apart from the SRA6401 Top Box Rack all other bits came from Thor who gave great service and prices.

Overall I am really happy with the quality, the look and the prices. I hope to have a European road trip next week (weather dependent) to give the set up a full test.