Fitting a Canoe Sail

Last week whilst I was away I ordered an Endless River Canoe Sail Kit which was here when I got home so I spent some time fitting it today.

It was very easy and quick (apart from the waiting for glue to go off)

10 mins - Open Packaging - It was well wrapped. Included is the sail, pole, ropes, thwart, mast foot and glue. Strangely no instructions but it isn't that hard.

5 mins - measure up the thwart and mark it up

1 hr - drive to parents (2 miles away), get Dad to cut thwart, drink coffee, return home. I didn't want to cut it by hand but I guess you could if you wanted to.

5 mins - drill holes in gunwales and thwart, fit bolts

2 mins - rough up surface and put glue on mast foot/canoe

4 hrs - wait for glue to go off

2 mins - add more glue to mast foot and place where wanted

2 mins - set the mast to check foot is in the right place

2 mins - set the whole rig up and tie ropes to sails.

24hrs - let the glue go off completely

So, actual real time spent was about 35 mins to fit.

Now I am planning a trip to get to use it :-)