What an awesome paddle


So today Olly and I were planning on paddling the West Okement but on arrival saw the river level at Okehampton Castle (it was out of the banks) so we decided on Moor Brook instead. This is basically a ditch that I have been trying to do for years but it needs lots of rain and today was that day.

I could not stop smiling. It started as a grass and sheep slalom and ended with some grade 3 stuff that really you had to hold you line or you got attacked by gorse. We started higher than the recommended start and it is well worth doing that. Just below the grill across the stream at SX 587916. Just ride the flume to the end getting progressively faster and steep until the final rapid spits you out just above the exit bridge.

Plym in full flow

That will be a bit of water then

Should this bench be in the river?

Olly on the footpath!

Today Olly and I fancied something a bit bigger than The Tavy and took the kayaks down to The Plym at Shaugh Prior to paddle to Plym Bridge. There was certainly a fair bit of water and we had big and bouncy Grade 3/4 for the first half and a more relaxed 2 for the second 3 km.

Possibly best Christmas Eve ever!

Tavy Canoe

Today Olly, Will, Charlie, Baz, Paul, Alex and I paddled the Tavy from Tavistock to Denham Bridge at a lowish level. Good fun had by all and a few swims within the group but all in all a good day with a nice bunch of people

Walkham Paddle

Back in the UK now and keen to get on the river. Today I meet with Olly and Will for a blast down The Walkham. There were good levels (0.6) and it definitely had some more water once we joined the Tavy.

Day 5 in The Maldives

Although there is diving scheduled for tomorrow I decided to make today my last day underwater so I could actually have a day off to have a snooze.

Today's dive sites

Miyaru Kandu (Vaavu)
Medhu Kandu (Vaavu)
Hathi Kolmu

Day 4 in The Maldives

Another good day in the water including snorkelling with a Whale Shark.

Today's dive sites

Maamigili Beyru (S. Ari)
Sun Island Beyru (S. Ari)
Alimatha (Vaavu)

Day 3 in The Maldives

Another good day diving with loads to see, sharks, fish, colourful coral and more

Today's dive sites were

Himandoo Rock (N. Ari)
Moofushi Kandu (S. Ari)
Rangali Maduvaru (S. Ari)

Day 2 in The Maldives

4 dives today and I will say no more and let the pictures talking, but an awesome night dive with Mantas.

Today's dive sites

Rasdhoo Madivaru (Rasdhoo)
Hafsa Thila (N. Ari)
Fish Head (N. Ari)
Fesdu Lagoon (N. Ari)