Triumph Tiger 800 XRx Review

I have just got the bike out for the summer and as I have now covered 2500 miles since I picked the bike up in early July (2015) thought I would give my opinion.

I had already decided I wanted to get a Triumph Tiger 800 but was unsure as to which of the variations I wanted. This bike was for sale by Riders of Bridgwater with only 626 miles on the clock. The bike was at a good price and ticked all the boxes so that is how I ended up choosing the Tiger 800 XRx

Pushing it about:

It is very light and easy to push around and probably the easiest bike I have ever had to put on a centre stand. I just step on the stand and up it goes. No lift required.  (unless it has luggage on then it is a different story)


I have ridden up to 3 hours at a time and stepped off the bike with no aches, pains or num bum. Definitely a reasonably comfortable seat compared with others but after 9 hours it did start to feel like it could have more padding. I experimented using cruise control (which I have never had before) and I can't say I was a massive fan but after using it on French motorways for a long trip I really see its benefits. Handlebar position very good and protection behind the screen is OK. I am short at only 5'6" so not sure what taller riders would think. I have the seat on the lower setting and can nearly get the balls of both feet on the floor. I may look at options to drop it a little more but this is not a necessity, I have certainly ridden taller bikes.

MPG: Seems to be mid 50's whatever I do

I had a Givi 47 ltr top box on that was pretty full of kit, the bike was in Road mode
Tank 1 - Motorway (using Cruise Control), Fast A Roads and Town - I filled up at 201 miles, compueter said there were 16 miles remaining. 57 mpg
Tank 2 - Motorway (not using CC), Fast A Roads, Slower B Roads and Town. - I filled up at at 203 miles and computer said there were 17 miles remaining 56 mpg

I ditched the Givi V47 and replaced it with a Givi Outback 58 ltr
Tank 3 - Tank 3 - Mixed and with loaded Givi Outback 58ltr top box. Filled up at 207 miles with 16 miles remaining. 56mpg and so on,,,,,,,,,

On my trip to The Alps the bike was giving mid 40's mpg but this is because I had a lot of kit on board and at times was travelling very quickly

Luggage: I have fitted the bike with Givi Outback Luggage (see separate review)

Extras: So far all I have added is the luggage and a mount/case to use my phone as sat nav.

Touring: I took the bike to Switzerland, as I was on a mission to get to The Alps for some climbing, I took Motorways for the first 330 miles before peeling off onto smaller roads. The bike behaved impeccably and was good at 130kph with cruise on or much slower on tight mountains bends. The Givi luggage was well balanced and I only noticed it at very low speeds.

To be fair, I was ready to get off the bike at the end of the 475 mile journey but this was more to do with being a boil in the bag meal (as it had hit 25 degrees plus) rather than any discomfort. I would however look to upgrade the seat if I was doing this regularly with a bit of softer padding.

Overall: I am very happy with this bike and it does all I ask of it. It will now be used for shorter journeys and commutes until August when I may fit a taller touring screen, a bike specific sat nav and a few other useful bits and pieces. It is however a perfectly good tourer as it is.

Niggles: I am not a fan of having permanent headlights on (but this is Euro law so not Triumph's fault) and I would like a bigger tank range (but there is a solution to this as Rally Raid make this if you don't carry a pillion).