Would you like Ice with that?

Today we went ice breaking. Definitely a good workout and limited the distance traveled. Not easy to have a good technique either but still a bit of fun. The students built their own ice breaking machine out of canoes which was actually quite effective if a little difficult to steer. Water temp 0, air temp 2 degrees and yes, some still just wear t-shirt and shorts!!!

Exeter Canal Loops

Today I took the Bridgwater College Level Three Outdoor students to paddle some of the Exeter Canal Loops. What a day with low (zero) wind and sun. A quick blast down the 2 weirs out of Exeter and then it was helmets off and a relaxing paddle with the tide down to Countess Weir Bridge. A short 10m portage and back on the canal to Double Locks and lunch before paddling back up to the minibus and home.

Baltic on The Barle


Brrrr it was chilly today but OK if we kept moving. A one bladed jaunt from Tarr Steps to Exbridge down The Barle and The Exe just for fun with Hannah and Heidi. The levels were lowish so plenty of time (and opportunity) to mess about including trying to pole down through the play wave (pic above) though I didn't actually manage to stay in the boat.

The Mendips

Today I was back our on The Mendip Hills with some Bridgwater College Level 2 Public Services students for some navigation training. We were lucky enough to see a Slow Worm today which is something I have not seen for some time.

A short paddle

A short blast along the canal and a quick rescue for my Level 4 students today. The nights are really drawing in now and daylight is in short supply for these afternoon sessions.

Canal Touring

A damp day out with my Bridgwater College Level 3 Outdoor Education students today. We made the most of the low (almost non existent) wind and launched further up the canal than normal. This allowed us to paddle to the Lock where we found some picnic tables for lunch before turning and heading back to the get in. The water was somewhat brown from all the run off and there was still plenty of flooding around the local fields.

NNAS Bronze Day 2

Back out with Andy on a NNAS Bronze course for Wet and High Adventures but today on The Mendip Hills. A lot of rain fell overnight and there were a few additional streams and rivers about that added to the navigational decision.

Please to say Andy passed with ease. Well done.

NNAS Bronze Day 1

Today I have been running a National Navigation Award Scheme Bronze course for Andy on The Quantock Hills on behalf of Wet and High Adventures. Some interesting Fungi around today but not being an expert I have no idea what it is.

Lunch at The Anchor Inn

Today Hannah and I went for lunch at The Anchor Inn at Exbridge. Of course, we parked in Dulverton and paddled there. We were going to launch from Tarr Steps but due to the blizzard we drove through and the amount of snow around and having had previous issues with conditions on the access road to Tarr Farm we decided Dulverton to Exbridge was the better choice. The water was pretty cold today (not that we swam) so winter is coming.

Wet and Windy Biking

Out and about on The Quantock Hills today with Level 2 sport students on a very wet and windy day. Considering the weather, a great time was had by all and although everyone was wet through by the end of it, we still managed to complete a decent 10km circuit.

Somerset Levels

Today I was out on the Somerset Levels remotely supervising my Outdoor Education students who were undertaking a navigation exercise. I travel far and wide and yet still managed to go somewhere today I have not been before. It was great to see a large number of Herons, Swans and hear from a fisherman that a family of 4 otters were about (didn't see them though).

Llanberis Pass Navigation

Today I was again out with Andy and we spent the day on 1:25k, 1:50k and 1:40k maps in the Llanberis Pass staying down low to avoid the wind and wet.

Unfortunately for me the day didn’t end too well thanks to shredding a tyre but AA via VW Assist were awesome and took me home (saved a long drive)

Craig Caseg Fraith Isaf

Today I was out with Andy who is on the Wet and High Adventures Long Term Instructor Development course. This was all about Andy leading today and he sucessfully and cleanly led 5 routes (including his first and 3 further Severes).