Exe Paddle

We managed to find enough water to float down the Exe from Bolham today. We really need rain but this section of the river is doable even when low. One really nice side effect of teh lack of rain is how clear the water is at the moment. Quite cold though.

December Coasteering


Awesome day out at Bolt Head with Olly visiting a new Coasteering route. I had over dressed and was warm (too warm at times) in my 5mm suit with 2mm vest but better that than cold obviously. Seeing a grey seal catch a fish was great and although I felt like I had gone 10 rounds with Mike Tyson after the caving yesterday, it was a relaxing day out in the unseasonably warm weather we are having. The 2km walk in and walk out (after a dodgy exit climb up) means it is unlikely we will take groups there but it was good fun all the same.

No other option so......

I am not a caver, never have been, never will be. Don't get it! Why on earth would you want to crawl around underground like a mole?

However, with no water in the rivers and getting bored sitting at home I accepted an invite from Olly and Chris to join them in Bakers Pit in Devon. It was warm and dry underground and I have definitely been in worse caves. It was good because the company was good and there were limited other options on the table. For the record, Olly is in Cave Rescue hence the suit in pic 2, we didn't actually need rescuing.

Please rain soon, so I can go paddling!

Messing about on the River

Today I went to the Salmon Leap Cafe at Buckfastleigh for lunch. Just to earn that, we had a quick blast down the Lower Dart first. Levels were low but we still managed to have a good time messing about in boats on the river.

"Believe me, my young friend, there is nothing — absolutely nothing — half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats."  Ratty, Wind in The Willows

Students and Rodents on The Canal

A warm and dry (for me) day on the canal today with my Level 3 Outdoor Ed students. Normally we have to negotiate the swans on the slipway but there was a new wildlife hazard today. A couple of rats! A trip down to the docks and back with the return journey virtually blinded in the low sun. Is it really mid December?

Low on The Loop

Today I drove to Dartmoor with the intention of paddling something with water in. Originally we were hoping for the Tavy but that was very low so we headed for The Dart Loop instead. This was also low and getting lower so Hannah, Hannah, Mike, Olly and I had a quick blast before lunch at The Salmon Leap cafe

Misty Map Work

A misty start on The Quantock Hills today for Bridgwater College students but it cleared enough to give us a few views and certainly a very warm day compared with the last times we have been out

Rough Water(?) Kayak Training

Another day afloat with my Level 3 Outdoor students today. Some skills coaching in a range of kayaks preparing for some future star tests. They decided they wanted to test their skills in "rough water" and as this is in short supply we made our own as seen in the video.

A few days of climbing stuff

On Thursday and Friday I was at Bloc Climbing in Bristol assessing some Bridgwater College students and today I was looking at some crags in the North Somerset area doing some risk assessments for future work. It was very icy at one of the locations which stopped us actually climbing any routes and which added to the difficulty in accessing the top but I still managed to get some solos in at around Mod/Diff standard that were just in the sun and had thawed out.