Indoor at The Quay

Inside (out of the rain) today at The Quay in Exeter with my Outdoor (or Indoor) Education students from Bridgwater College. Introduction to climbing looking at belaying, movement and just getting some routes done. Thanks Mark for you help today.

Lowland Leader Training Day 2

I was back out today for the second day of the Lowland Leader Training Course that I am directing for Wet and High Adventures. We were on The Quantock Hills today for some forest time. We were a little unlucky with the weather and got rained on for the last hour or so but it is all part of the experience.

Lowland Leader Training Day 1

Great to be working only a few miles from home today directing Day 1 of a Lowland Leader Training course on behalf of Wet and High Adventures for the staff of Wellington School. Out and about from the school and up to the Monument gave us some good challenges in farmland and woods. We saw a fox and we got back about 10 mins before the rain started which is a real bonus.

Exeter Loops

Exeter Canal Loops today with my Level 4 students. They got to make their own boat choice so it was one Sea Kayak, a Tandem Canoe and solo Canoe for me (regretted not taking my Broadland though with the sailing rig). We took the river down over the weirs and out on the tide before coming back up the canal with a little bit of wind assistance.

1 and 2 Star Assessments

Having been in kayaks last week and canoes this week, I was pleased to be able to award a number of 1 and 2 star awards to the Level 3 Outdoor Students. We will be starting the land based module nest week. I do still have a few more session afloat with my Level 4 students to come

SPA Training Day 2

Today was the second day of the Mountain Training SPA course I was directing for Wet and High Adventures. We were at the single pitch (shorter) end of Avon Gorge Sea Walls where we spent the day lead climbing, abseiling and placing lots of gear. Another coldish start that warmed up nicely by midday. The last two days has been great with 7 newly trained candidates heading off to gain additional experience before assessment.

SPA Training Day 1

Today I have been directing an SPA Training course for Wet and High Adventures in the Bristol Area. The day was spent at Goblin Combe Car Park Crag and the evening at Redpoint Bristol. A cold start that soon warmed up and it was very pleasant in the sun.

Blue Sky, Low Wind, Good Students

The title and pics say it all. A great day out today with Bridgwater College L3 Public Services Students on The Mendip Hills.

Teaching Nav

I was out on The Mendip Hills today with L3 Public Services students running a navigation workshop on compass use and pacing. It was cold today (colder than Scotland is right now I reckon) so not a day for hanging about. These students have an expedition coming up at Easter so we need to get out as much as we can

More Floaty Boaty Stuff

Supervising a mini canal trip today for L3 Outdoor Education students. Thought I would paddle one of my fleet sea boats for a change, needs some padding on the seat though (job for next week).  The afternoon was a bank based coaching session and I forgot to take any pics. The waterbased module is drawing to a close for the L3 students with next week being the last week so hopefully a few 2 Stars will be given out then.

A Quick Orienteer

After a fruitful meeting this morning, I headed up to The Mendips and in particular Burrington Ham. I wanted to check out the orienteering course before I use it later this week. The course works well and the shortest way round it was around 3.5km but would be longer if you followed it sequentially. Obviously I managed to get scratched by brambles and covered in mud by taking the shortest line to each one but that is what it is all about (in my opinion)

Here is the map if anyone wants it

Loop and Lunch

I had to pop into AS Watersports and The Quay in Exeter today so as I was down that way and had a boat in the van it would be rude not to try and float somewhere. A quick blast on The Loop with Olly and Hannah before lunch at Salmons Leap Cafe (becoming a regular here) finished the trip.

Some impressive moves from Olly in his Pyranha Shiva which is not sold as a PlayBoat but maybe it should be from now on.

Limbo Skills

Out on the canal with L2 Sport students. Today's brief "go boating, have fun". No assignments, no syllabus and no specific goals allowed us to have a relaxing paddle up the canal, limbo a few bridges, stand up, sit down, chill out. We even managed to get off before the rain really hit so mainly stayed dry.

Windy paddle

Mega windy today for the Level 4 students. We are preparing for an overnight paddling expedition so it was all about getting the distance in and dealing with the wind.