Quantock Hills Navigation

Back in my role as a Lecturer for Bridgwater and Taunton College today after a 3 week break. Straight into some navigation on The Quantock Hills. Gail and I were out remotely supervising the Level 3 Outdoor Students as they gain more experience in the local hills. The snow that fell over night was rapidly thawing through the day but it was still cold up there at times.

Staff Training

After a busy few days of paper work, risk assessments and various other things you need to do when you have been away from the office for 3 weeks, I was back in action today with a visit to a local activity centre to deliver some staff training on their wall. Really nice to be working somewhere less than 2 miles from home which means that drop in visits are really easy and I don't have to spend hours in the van.

Gorge Risk Assessments

Today I was at the Mellte and Sychryd gorges in South Wales undertaking some risk assessments for future use. I wasn't in the water today, I was bank based but need to go back and get in to finish the process fully. After the practical bit, I attended a workshop run by SWOAPG on the safe use and environmental care of these gorges. Now I have to drive back up to North Wales for the morning, to finish the ML course I am directing for Wet and High Adventures.

Mountain Leader Training Day 3

Today for the third day of the Mountain Leader Training course that I am directing for Wet and High Adventures, we went into the bottom of Llanberis Pass to find some broken ground to look at ML Ropework and management of people on steep ground. It was good to have another pair of eyes/hands as Mark from Mountain Training was out moderating me today.

Mountain Leader Training Day 2

Today for the second day of the Mountain Leader Training course that I am directing for Wet and High Adventures, we headed up into The Carneddau via the east ridge of Pen Yr Ole Wen and onto Carnedd Daffydd. Lots of navigation and a short little scramble on the way up led to a misty ridge and a swap onto 1:50k and 1:40k maps for the descent.

Mountain Leader Training Day 1

For the next few days I am directing a Mountain Leader Training course for Wet and High Adventures in Snowdonia. Today was a classroom session followed by the afternoon out and about in the Crimpiau area where there are some great navigation features. There are 5 candidates on this course and it is looking like a great week ahead.

Where has winter gone?

After changing the plan a few times, Olly and I decided to head for the East Ridge of Beinn a Choarainn to see what (if any) snow was left. It was warm, wet and very frustrating to see the rivers full and the lack of snow. After walking in, crossing a few streams and a rather full river we decided to call it a day and walk out before we reached the ridge.

A nice walk

Today Andy and I went for a walk into Corie an T'Sneachda and then up the steep ground under windy col to the summit. Another day of awesome views acrross the plateau

Winter Skills Day 3

Today was the third and final day of a Wet and High Adventures Winter Skills course and it was about allowing the clients to call the shots, Unfortunately, due to illness Andy was unable to join us today. Wayne chose to go up to Cairngorm via Fiacaill a Chorie Cas. It was cold in the biting wind and walking south was painful at times, however, once the wind was on our backs, it was much nicer.

Winter Skills Day 2

Today for the second day of the Wet and High Adventures Winter Skills course we decided to drive round to Glen Feshie and head up Carn Ban Mor. A mixed day with winter in the morning but warming up and thawing snow by the afternoon. Windy at times but also some stunning views..

Winter Skills Day 1

Today I was out with Wayne and Andy running the first day of a Winter Skills course for Wet and High Adventures Ltd. A walk in to the ciste gully to stay out of the wind saw us sliding, stopping and digging about in the snow pack. It was windy on the ridges and the wind chill effect was quite obvious.

Blue skies, low wind and Fiacaill Ridge

Not working today but managed to persuade Leon to let me take him up Fiacaill Ridge before he tackled the long drive home. What a day. I will let the pictures do the talking.

If you are looking to employ someone to take you mountaineering then you should be looking here for an MIC holder as that is the appropriate award.

Winter Skills Day 2

On the second day of a 1:1 Wet and High Adventures Winter Skills course, we headed up onto the plateau for some winter navigation. Ascent via Fiacaill a Choire Chais to 1141 and up onto Cairngorm gave us some challenging conditions. Bitterly cold and biting winds meant it was a goggles day with frequent visibility issues. This was good for navigation practice. The plateau is scoured and the Cairngorm weather station frozen solid, hence no wind readings on the website.

Winter Skills Day 1

I was running a 1:1 Winter Skills for Wet and High Adventures today. We headed into Corie an T'Sneachda where we looked at safe travel, snow, crampons, axe, shelters and navigation. It was a little breezy and flat light and drifting snow made things interesting at times. Lots of snow about and I went thigh deep a few times which made travel hard work.