A tale of two Tigers

As a Tiger 800 rider and previously a Tiger 955i I know exactly what I expect to get from any bike with that name. I had my first test ride back in June 2016 and decided the bike was too tall (seat height) and heard a low version was coming out. Back in August 2016 at The Overland Event, I test rode a XCx Low and although I much preferred the lower seat height, it does not come with a centre stand and it is impossible to retro fit one so that was a deal breaker for me as well as concerns over ground clearance when fully loaded off road (I have some big plans afoot). The third test ride courtesy of Total Triumph in Taunton was on a normal size bike but with a low cut seat and that is the perfect match for me so decision made. Especially as until the end of March, all Tigers come with free panniers!

So today it was bye bye Tiger 800 XRx (we have had some nice trips in particular an awesome week touring in Scotland and a trip to The Alps) and hello to Triumph Tiger Explorer XCa. I already have some great trips planned ahead. I manged to make the journey home 70 miles instead of the normal 18 but once I have covered some real distance, I will report back in some more detail.