Ducati Off Road Experience

Today I was at the Touratech Travel Event in South Wales. Although camping was an option, I decided to just go for the day. An early start from home saw me arrive at just gone 9am and after registering, I headed up to Walters Arena for my pre booked Ducati Off Road Experience. Run by renowned Dakar racer Beppe Gualini I received some expert tuition over about an hour. The chance to practice locking up the rear wheel on gravel on someone else's Ducati Multistrada Enduro 1200cc is not to be missed. After a cone slalom, riding over wood strips, larger bumps and more emergency stops, I had to hand the Ducati back.  

Then it was out on the trails on my Triumph Explorer XCA. This is the first time we have been off road together as all my previous has been done on much smaller, less powerful bikes. However, with "Off Road" mode engaged, the bike changed all the settings for me and although standard road tires and panniers added to the challenge, we stayed upright for the 10 mile off road course.

Heading home I headed up to Brecon, down the A470 then over to Abergavenny and down some small roads (not really sure where I was) before getting back on the M4 just after Newport. A great day out, getting some miles done and confirming that the bike is easily capable of doing whatever I ask of it.